Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar is the world's leading solar panel supplier. Trina Solar panels and smart energy solutions contribute to the sustainable development of society around the world. Trina Solar helps the photovoltaic industry popularize renewable energy through continuous technological innovation.

The company's mission is to promote the development of global renewable energy and benefit all mankind. Since December 2020, Trina Solar has delivered solar panels equivalent to more than 66 gigawatts of electricity production globally.

About Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar was founded in 1997 by Gao Jifan. As a pioneer in solar energy, Trina Solar revolutionized the solar panel industry and became one of the first Chinese manufacturers to become a global leader in solar technology and production.

In 2014, Trina Solar set a record of 1GW of product shipments in a single quarter. Trina Solar also continues to break records when it comes to efficiency: seven efficiency records were broken in the same year. To date, the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology has broken 20 world records for solar cell efficiency and power.

Trina Solar's unparalleled level of innovation and technological capabilities enable the company to set industry benchmarks in quality and efficiency.

In 2020, Trina Solar reached a milestone by listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Trina Vertex S+ N-type 

This new generation of glass-glass solar panels uses N-type i-TOPCon technology to deliver up to 450W of maximum power with a maximum module efficiency of 22.5%. In addition to increased power output, the panel also has an optimized glass thickness of 1.6+1.6mm.

The Trina Vertex S+ N-type is a glass-glass solar panel with an impressive peak power output of 440 watts. These state-of-the-art solar panels have three key features to meet the requirements of end users and installers:


  • Maximum efficiency per square meter
  • Years of trouble-free operation
  • Beautiful appearance


Symm Solar offers the new Trina Vertex S+ N-type glass-glass solar panels in 435 and 440 watts. Both models come with a black frame and a 25-year product warranty.

Why Buy Trina Solar Panels?

The solar panels produced by Trina Solar undergo extensive quality testing. Several tests were conducted, including salt testing, ammonia testing, and sand testing. These panels come with several important certifications so you know you are getting premium quality for your home.


  • High quality solar panels;
  • The cleanest and most responsible producer;
  • Products have been extensively tested.


Trina Solar Panel Warranty

Trina Solar's solar panels come with a 15-year product warranty. This guarantee is provided if the panels are installed by a certified installer. Additionally, solar panels must be inspected every two years by an authorized service technician.

This regular maintenance monitors safety and potentially prevents fire hazards and ensures panels continue to perform at their best.

Trina Solar offers a 25-year warranty on the power produced by its solar panels. The performance of all panels degrades over time. Trina Solar promised relatively high returns after 25 years, and they guaranteed it.

Trina Solar Panels All Black

Trina Solar Panels are available in all-black versions. This type of solar panel uses only black components, giving the panel a nice appearance and perfect for residential use. The panel is less eye-catching thanks to its all-black design. An all-black panel is a good choice, especially if the panel is within sight. However, in terms of performance over time, all-black solar panels ranked slightly higher than solar panels with white backsheets.

Trina Solar White Back Sheet

Trina solar panels with white backsheets look less attractive in design compared to all-black panels, but provide slightly higher performance levels over time. White is a color that absorbs less heat than black. Since excess heat causes energy loss, solar panels with white backsheets are more efficient than completely black solar panels.

Trina Solar panels use a white backsheet, which has good heat dissipation and will not overheat quickly even in hot summers.

Half-cut Trina Solar Panels in the shade

Trina Solar uses half-cut solar panels for optimal energy performance. Any solar panel located even slightly in the shade during the day will result in a loss of energy throughout the panel and all other solar panels in the string.

Trina Solar's half-cut solar panels have cells divided into two parts. One half will no longer function in the shade, while the other half will still produce energy. By making the cells smaller, the impact of poorer-performing components is reduced, so the entire solar panel and other cells in the string can continue to operate even if there is shade.

Therefore, during the installation process, the installer must calculate the location of the sunshade during the day and place the solar panels as efficiently as possible to prevent energy loss. Trina Solar's half-cut solar panels help increase efficiency and reduce losses due to shading.

Buy Trina Solar Panels at Symm Solar

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