Sungrow Solar Batteries

Sungrow Power Storage

Sungrow is a leading supplier to the renewable energy industry, specializing in solar inverters and solar cells. Although Sungrow is primarily known for their inverters, they also offer a range of solar cells to complement their inverters.

Sungrow Solar Cells are easy to integrate with Sungrow Inverters. For example, energy generated by solar panels during the day can be stored in batteries to charge an electric car at night. Sungrow Power Solar Cells are a worthwhile investment that maximizes solar self-sufficiency and minimizes dependence on the grid.

Sungrow Power High Voltage Solar Cell

SunPower solar cells operate at high voltages of several hundred volts. In this way, energy conversion and storage efficiency are optimized, and end users gain maximum economic benefits.

Sungrow's high-voltage lithium-ion batteries use lithium-ion technology and are known for their high energy density, long life and superior performance. Sungrow batteries are available in different storage capacities, from 3.2 kWh for small homes to 22.4kW for larger home or business applications.

The modular design enables scalability, allowing users to expand storage capacity when needed.

Main features of Sungrow Power Solar Cells:

High energy density: Sungrow’s high-voltage solar cells have high energy density and can efficiently store large amounts of energy in a compact size.

Scalable design: The modular design of these batteries enables scalability, allowing users to easily expand storage capacity by adding more battery modules.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): Sungrow’s high-voltage solar cells are equipped with an advanced BMS that monitors and manages battery performance, optimizing charge and discharge for maximum efficiency, safety and longevity.

Intelligent communication: Solar cells support multiple communication protocols such as CAN bus and RS485, and can be seamlessly integrated and communicated with other solar power generation system components such as inverters and monitoring systems.

Long lifespan: Sungrow’s high-voltage solar cells have a long lifespan and require little maintenance, making them a reliable form of energy storage for years to come.

High charge and discharge efficiency: Batteries are designed to have high charge and discharge efficiency, thereby minimizing energy loss during storage.

Enhanced safety functions: Sungrow’s high-voltage solar cells have multiple safety functions such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection, and operate safely and reliably.

Sungrow Power Solar Cell Specifications

High Efficiency

  • Up to 30 A constant charge and discharge current with high efficiency
  • Close to 100% available energy


  • Extensible over life cycle
  • Each unit supports 3-8 modules, up to 4 units can be connected in parallel, and the capacity range is 9-100kWh.


  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Multi-phase protection design and comprehensive safety certification

Easy installation

  • Compact and lightweight, one-person installation
  • Plug and play, no cables required between battery modules