Flat Roof Set

Flat Roof Structures are cost-effective and efficient.

The flat roof regular solar structure is the most common type of installation of solar panels for residential and commercial buildings. This structure involves installing solar panels directly onto the roof of the building using mounting brackets and other hardware. 

We shall erect the solar module mounting structure on the rooftop and anchor it to the slab using anchor fasteners of suitable size, drilling them up to 50 mm deep into the slab. We will then fill the holes with concrete bonding chemicals to prevent water seepage and concrete the structure by mixing the appropriate ratio of concrete.

One of the main advantages of a flat roof regular solar structure is that it is cost-effective. It is also efficient, as the panels are installed optimally to receive maximum sunlight. This type of solar structure is flexible and functional on most roof types, including flat and sloping roofs. Additionally, flat roof regular solar structures require minimal maintenance and can last up to 25 years.

Set - 1 Phase - Micro Inverter (6)

Set - 1 Phase - String Inverter (5)

Set - 3 Phase - Micro Inverter (8)

Set - 3 Phase - String Inverter (6)