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Jinko Solar panels achieve very high efficiency with advanced technology. Are you looking for high-quality solar panels that work even on cloudy days? Then order Jinko Solar solar panels. 

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When it comes to solar panels, many installers will think of "Jinko Solar". In fact, more than ten percent of all solar panels used globally come from Jinko Solar. The company was founded in China in 2006 and currently has six factories and dozens of warehouses around the world. The production of the panels is entirely in-house, so the company offers high quality at great prices. Bloomberg New Energy Finance ranks Jinko Solar among the top three most bankable solar producers. A company can raise capital when banks around the world decide to lend money to invest in its products.

Jinko Solar mono crystalline panels and all-black panels

The range of Jinko Solar solar panels can be roughly divided into two types: one is monocrystalline panels, and the other is all-black panels, which are also monocrystalline panels but are characterized by an all-black appearance.

Jinko all-black solar panels are mainly used in residential projects because they look much better than "regular" monocrystalline panels. Jinko single panels are more commonly used in commercial projects that are out of sight on the roofs of commercial buildings.

Jinko solar panels are suitable for commercial and residential use

Jinko Solar produces very high quality solar panels for commercial and residential use. Solar panels are divided into monocrystalline and polycrystalline, but due to the higher efficiency of monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels are still difficult to sell.

Due to its advanced cell technology, Jinko solar panels perform better than other brands of panels, such as in high temperatures, early morning sunlight, and at dusk. Jinko Solar is continuing to further develop this battery technology.

What is a 60-cell solar panel?

A 60-cell solar panel consists of 60 solar cells and is considered a standard solar panel. These cells are made from a layer of silicon. When sunlight hits it, it releases electrons and converts them into energy.

What are half-cell solar panels?

Half-cell solar panels are also known as "half-cut" solar panels. This is because the solar cells in the solar panel are cut in half. Therefore, the solar panel is the same size but contains more solar cells. Standard panels contain 60 solar cells, and half-cell solar panels contain 120 smaller cells. This has several advantages over traditional solar panels. Half-cell modules have higher power output and are more reliable than traditional panels.

Jinko Solar’s ​​half-cell solar panels include the Jinko Solar 350 W All Black or the Jinko Solar 340 wp Cheetah.

Why order Jinko solar panels from Symm Solar?

As a distribution supplier of solar panels, Symm Solar offers Jinko All Black and Jinko Mono across Europe. Create an account now and order directly from our online store.

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About Jinko Solar

Founded in China in 2006, Jinko Solar is the world's largest solar panel manufacturer. In 2018, the manufacturer supplied a total of 11.4 GW of solar panel capacity globally.

Jinko Solar is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Since 2006, Jinko has continued to expand significantly and currently has 6 production bases around the world with more than 13,500 employees and has operations in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Mexico, It has 15 overseas subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2017, Jinko Solar’s ​​global market share of services exceeded 10.4%. This share is still growing.

As Jinko has an R&D department of more than 250 scientists and solar experts, Jinko is also one of the leading research institutions in the global solar industry. It is therefore not surprising that the leading technology with the highest energy yield comes from Jinko Solar Laboratories.

Why choose Jinko Solar?

Jinko Solar is considered a global leader in the solar industry and a supplier of best-in-class solar panels. The company has since won numerous awards, including the Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Brand of the Year awards.

  • Award-winning photovoltaic manufacturer: Jinko Solar is proud of its leadership position with numerous awards.
  • Tier 1 players and financing capabilities: The most financing-capable photovoltaic manufacturers according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
  • There is no shortage of production capacity: Jinko Solar has eight factories in four different countries. There are also 21 warehouses in 9 countries that can deliver goods.
  • Top quality leader in more than 90 countries: Jinko Solar has 30 sales offices and approximately 2,000 customers.

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