Trina Vertex S+ N-Type Dual Glass 435W - Triple-Cut 1500V (Black Frame)

€ 126,25 € 106,95

Trina Solar Vertex S+ is Trina Solar’s ​​new generation solar module.


These new generation dual-glass modules are equipped with n-type i-TOPCon technology, which can provide a maximum power output of up to 450W and a maximum module efficiency of 22.5%. In addition to increasing output, it also optimizes glass thickness: 1.6+1.6mm.

Trina Vertex S+ Advantages
Dual glass NEG9R.28 series

The dual-glass NEG9R.28 series with white backpanel offers more features;


  • Longer product warranty - up to 25 years
  • More reliable – dual glass increases reliability
  • More power generation - 9.6% more power generation


Datasheet Vertex S NEG 9 R 28 EN 2023 B Web
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