JA Solar 435Wp N-Type Glas Glas Full Black - Zonnepaneel

€ 124,93

The jam54d41-435n-lb-bk has a power of 435 watt peak and features 108-BF-NT cells. The modules are equipped with innovative half-cut cell technology, which makes this panel perform better due to a lower temperature coefficient. The dimensions of this Bi-facial solar panel with black frame are 1762x1134x30mm. At JA Solar solar panels you benefit from a 25-year product and power warranty. There are 36 pieces on a pallet.

Features of the jam54d41-435n-lb-bk

  • 218 Wp/m2
  • N-Type
  • 108-BF-NT cells
  • Glass-Glass/All Black
  • Black frame
  • MC4-EVO2
  • 1762x1134x30mm

N-type solar panels have 3 important advantages:

  • N-type solar panels deliver higher power per square meter.
  • These panels have a lower degradation compared to P-type panels.
  • You enjoy longer guarantees.