Sloping Roof - String Inverter - 1 Fase - 8 Solar Panels

€ 1.556,48

This complete solar panel set 8 panels pitched roof contains all necessary products such as mounting material, cables and connectors and inverters. These are perfectly tailored to the number of solar panels you can choose from. With our customer-friendly service and fast delivery, you can start becoming more sustainable as quickly as possible.

Symm Solar makes this completely effortless. Let the sun shine on your energy bill!

PLEASE NOTE: This set is based on 2 rows! If you need a different setup please request a quote.

No. Product Price Remark
8 Jinko 435WP Mono Full Black € 81,00 Each
1 GoodWe GW3000D-NS € 480,00 Each
2 Set connectoren MC4 € 5,20 Each
20 Solarkabel 4mm² zwart per meter € 0,99 Each
20 Solarkabel 4mm² rood per meter € 0,99 Each
20 Aardingskabel 4MM² per meter € 1,25 Each
4 Esdec ClickFit EVO - Montagerail 4638mm € 35,55 Each
16 Esdec ClickFit EVO - Dakhaak universeel € 7,95 Each
20 Esdec ClickFit EVO - Module klem € 3,40 Each
8 Esdec ClickFit EVO - Montagerail eindkap € 1,26 Each
4 Esdec ClickFit EVO - Kabelklem € 1,55 Each

About This Set

Complete solar panel set

The comprehensive complete solar panel sets come standard with the high quality Jinko 435 Wp mono full black solar panels. These high-quality panels are designed with an elegant all-black design. This gives a sophisticated look to any roof. With advanced monocrystalline technology, these panels not only offer impressive efficiency, but also serve as an aesthetic statement. This gives your home or commercial building a modern and eco-friendly look.


Powerful power

With a powerful output of 435 watts per panel, these solar panels guarantee an impressive energy output, maximizing your benefit from the sun's rays. The advanced monocrystalline cells guarantee exceptional efficiency even in less sunny conditions, making them an excellent choice for various climate conditions.


Esdec ClickFit Evo mounting material

The complete solar panel sets are also equipped with the high-quality Esdec ClickFit Evo mounting material. This innovative mounting system makes it possible to combine up to 40% faster on sloping roofs. This handy click system is suitable for solar panels on all sloping tiled roofs, making installation effortless. With the Esdec ClickFit Evo mounting materials, the solar panel sets can be installed firmly and safely, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy more. In addition, this system ensures that the panels are optimally positioned to capture as much sunlight as possible. This contributes to a higher energy yield and therefore more savings in the long term. In short, with the Esdec ClickFit Evo mounting materials you are assured of a sustainable and efficient solar energy installation.


GoodWe Inverter 

Symm Solar's solar panel sets come with a high-quality GoodWe inverter. However, GoodWe is known for its dedication to research and development. Here it uses smart technologies and advanced expertise. The company offers users a range of residential and also small C&I storage solutions to protect them from rising electricity costs.


Our goal is to provide reliable solutions that enable users to maximize self-consumption, ensure energy supply during power outages, provide smart control over home energy management and ultimately achieve energy independence. With GoodWe inverters, you can rely on an efficient and sustainable energy solution for your home or business.


Additional Information

Jinko 435WP Mono Full Black Specification
Dimension 1762 x 1134 x 30 mm
Warranty 25-year warranty
Brand Jinko
Power 435 Wp
GoodWe GW3000D-NS Specification
Number of MPP trackers 2
Max. DC input voltage (V) 600
Max. input current per MPPT (A) 13,8 / 13,8
Brand GoodWe
MPPT range (V) 80-550
Rated input voltage (V) 360
Start-up voltage (V) 80
Power inverter 3000 Kw