Esdec ClickFit EVO - Cable Clamp

€ 1,55

This ClickFit EVO Steel Roof mounting rail cable clip from Esdec makes wiring your solar panels easy and keeps everything in place. By handling cables neatly, you prevent malfunctions and unnecessary maintenance. The cable clip is attached to a mounting rail in one simple motion. In addition, any optimizers or micro-inverters can be mounted to the cable clip. Furthermore, the cable clip is made of black weatherproof plastic.

Esdec offers various mounting systems to install your solar panels for various types of roofs. With over 15 years of experience, the company has become an international market leader. To promote the use of solar panels, Esdec has developed mounting systems that are not only of great quality, but easy and quick to install. The Esdec ClickFit EVO solar panel mounting systems consist of few components to make installation even faster. The Esdec ClickFit EVO Steel Roof series includes components to mount any common solar panels on steel roofs. The Steel Roof mounting system can also be used for trapezoid and corrugated steel roofs (with adapter profile). The Esdec ClickFit EVO Steel Roof solar panel mounting materials do not affect your steel roof and your roof remains waterproof.