Esdec ClickFit EVO - Mounting rail end cap

€ 1,26

This black ClickFit EVO Tile Roof End Cap from Esdec supports a module clamp used as an end clamp. This ensures that the solar panel installation becomes an aesthetic whole. The end cap goes together with the Esdec ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof roof hook or truss hook, mounting rails and module clamps.

Esdec offers various mounting systems to install your solar panels for various types of roofs. With over 15 years of experience, the company has become an international market leader. To promote the use of solar panels, Esdec has developed mounting systems that are not only of great quality, but easy and quick to install. The Esdec ClickFit EVO Tile Roof Series is specially designed for mounting solar panels on tile roofs by professional installers. The mounting system is complete with only four components, ensuring a quick and easy installation process. In addition, the convenient Esdec ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof System is designed so that your do not need to drill any holes in the roof, leaving it completely intact. Esdec ClickFit EVO solar panel mounting systems consist of only four components to make solar panel installation even faster.