Flat Roof - Micro Inverter - 1 Phase - 6 Solar Panels

€ 2.060,39

This complete solar panel set flat roof 6 panels includes all the necessary products such as mounting hardware, cables and connectors and inverters.

These are perfectly matched to the number of solar panels you can choose from. With our customer-friendly service and fast delivery you can start preserving as soon as possible. 

Symm Solar makes it completely effortless. Let the sun shine on your energy bill!


NB! This set is based on 2 rows of landscape and not as shown in portrait! If you need a different setup, request a quote.

No. Product Price Remark
6 Jinko 435WP Mono Full Black € 81,00 Each
6 Enphase Micro-omvormer IQ8AC € 127,50 Each
6 Enphase 2.5mm2 Q-KABEL voor 1.7m Landscape module pitch - 1 Fase € 23,80 Each
1 Enphase Envoy-S, Standard € 165,00 Each
1 Enphase Externe Relais – 1 Fase € 55,00 Each
1 Enphase Afsluitstuk voor Q-Kabel - 1 Fase € 13,99 Each
4 Van der Valk dakdrager ValkPro+ L=2500x1,5mm € 24,50 Each
6 Van der Valk achterplaat ValkPro+ L10° L=1980mm € 16,80 Each
4 Van der Valk zijplaat ValkPro+ L10° universee € 15,60 Each
4 Van der Valk Achter voet ValkPro+ L10° zijkant € 9,65 Each
4 Van der Valk Voor voet ValkPro+ P/L10° zijkant € 6,25 Each
4 Van der Valk Achter voet ValkPro+ L10° midden € 8,80 Each
4 Van der Valk Voor voet ValkPro+ P/L10° midden € 5,95 Each
24 Rvs zelftapbout M6x20mm - T30 € 0,25 Each
8 Van der Valk Rubber tegeldrager - klik - ValkPro+ € 5,35 Each

About This Set

Complete solar panel set

The comprehensive complete solar panel sets come standard with the high quality Jinko 435 Wp mono full black solar panels. These high-quality panels are designed with an elegant all-black design. This gives a sophisticated look to any roof. With advanced monocrystalline technology, these panels not only offer impressive efficiency, but also serve as an aesthetic statement. This gives your home or commercial building a modern and eco-friendly look.


Powerful power

With a powerful output of 435 watts per panel, these solar panels guarantee an impressive energy output, maximizing your benefit from the sun's rays. The advanced monocrystalline cells guarantee exceptional efficiency even in less sunny conditions, making them an excellent choice for various climate conditions.


Van der Valk Pro+ mounting hardware

The complete solar panel sets are also supplied with the high-quality Van der Valk Pro+ mounting materials. These mounting materials are known for its expertise in developing and producing solar mounting systems for flat roofs and cable management. The mounting system is designed and produced in our own Dutch factory. The mounting system is distinguished by its versatility, quick installation and good quality. Complying with the latest Eurocodes, these systems meet the stringent requirements set by banks and insurance companies for solar installations.


Enphase microinverters

Symm Solar's solar panel kits come with high-quality Enphase microinverters. However, the latest IQ8MC microinverter is known for its innovative design. This is because it is suitable for the latest generation of high-efficiency PV modules and are compatible for the smart grid. With industry-leading levels of energy production and reliability, the IQ8MC meets the most stringent safety standards, thanks in part to rapid shutdown functionality.


Our goal is to provide reliable solutions that enable users to maximize self-consumption, ensure energy supply during power outages, provide smart home energy management control and ultimately achieve energy independence. With Enphase microinverters, you can rely on an efficient and sustainable energy solution for your home or business.


Additional Information

Jinko 435WP Mono Full Black
Dimension 1762 x 1134 x 30 mm
Warranty 25-year warranty
Brand Jinko
Power 435 Wp
Enphase Micro-omvormer IQ8AC
Brand Enphase
Enphase 2.5mm2 Q-CABLE for 1.7m Landscape module pitch - 1 Phase
Insulation category cable IEC 60529, IP67
Brand Enphase
Compliance RoHS, OIL RES I, CE, UV resistant
Rated battery voltage (V) 600
PV orientation Reclining (60-cell)
Temperature category 90°C dry/wet
Test category flame IEC 60332-1-2
Enphase External Relay - 1 Phase
Number of phases Single-phase mode
Number of Q relays per system Maximum 4
Degree of protection IP20 (must be used in protected environment)
Compliance IEC 61010
Rated input frequency 50 Hz
Rated input voltage 230 - 240 Vrms
Ambient temperature range -40°C to +50°C
Mounting Hardware Brand
Van der Valk roof rack ValkPro+ L=2500x1,5mm Van der Valk
Van der Valk backplate ValkPro+ L10° L=1980mm Van der Valk
Van der Valk side plate ValkPro+ L10° universal Van der Valk
Van der Valk Back foot ValkPro+ L10° side Van der Valk
Van der Valk Back foot ValkPro+ L10° center Van der Valk
Stainless steel self tapping bolt M6x20mm - T30 Van der Valk
Van der Valk Rubber tile carrier - click - ValkPro+ Van der Valk
Van der Valk Front foot ValkPro+ P/L10° side Van der Valk
Van der Valk Front foot ValkPro+ P/L10° center Van der Valk