APSystems DS3D Micro-Inverter

€ 399,65 € 285,09

APsystems has expanded its third generation dual microinverter range with the DS3D. DS3D has an unprecedented 1800W power output and can connect 4 high-power modules (2 × 2 in series). DS3D features 2 independent MPPT, encrypted ZigBee signals and benefits from a completely new architecture.

Double the performance of the most powerful dual microinverter series

The DS3D series reaches unprecedented levels of power output and is compatible with other DS3 microinverters and accessories. It has 2 input channels, each with independent MPPT and encrypted wireless Zigbee communication.

With unparalleled performance, 97% efficiency and improved reliability, APsystems DS3D microinverters are a game changer for multi-residential and commercial solar.

One microinverter connects four modules
Maximum output power reaches 1800W
Two input channels have independent MPPT
Designed to match the highest power modules available (maximum input current 20A)
Highest reliability, IP67
Encrypted Zigbee communications
Safety protection relay integration

A Psystems Microinverter DS 3 D Datasheet EN 06 2022 Web 2
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