Growatt MOD 10KTL3-XH (AFCI)

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The Growatt MOD 10KTL3-XH is a three-phase string inverter suitable for large residential and commercial solar installations. As a hybrid inverter, it is also suitable for connecting to battery systems and storing the energy generated for use when needed.

High efficiency: MOD 10KTL3-XH has a maximum efficiency of 98.4%. This percentage is the amount of DC current produced by the solar panel that can actually be used as AC power for a home or business.

Dual MPPT: The MOD 10KTL3-XH inverter features dual MPPT inputs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which optimizes the power of two different solar panels even if they face different directions or have different shading patterns.

Flexibility: The MOD 10KTL3-XH inverter is suitable for residential and commercial environments and is compatible with a variety of solar panel types and configurations.

Durability: The MOD 10KTL3-XH inverter has a rugged aluminum alloy housing that resists corrosion and harsh environmental conditions.

Monitoring: The Growatt MOD 10KTL3-XH inverter comes with an integrated WiFi module that allows users to monitor the performance of their solar panels in real time via their smartphone or tablet.

Fault Detection: MOD 10KTL3-XH features built-in string fault detection to easily identify any issues with the solar panels or wiring and alert the user.

Active power limitation: The MOD 10KTL3-XH inverter has an active power limitation feature that prevents the system from exceeding the maximum allowed power.

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