Lesso 460W 182 MBB Mono Perc Half-cell Module (Black Frame)

€ 158,55 € 128,95


· The application of multi-busbar (MBB) half-cut cell technology brings stronger resistance to shade and lower risk of hot spot.

· Strict control on raw materials and process optimization of high efficiency PERC ensure better resistance against PID of PV module.

· Through harsh weathering tests of sand, dust, salt mist, ammonia, etc., to get stronger weather resistance of outdoor environment.

· Lower oxygen and carbon content result in lower LID.

· By series and parallel design, to reduce the series RS and achieve higher power output and lower BOS cost.

· Lower temperature coefficient and lower operating temperature can ensure higher power generation.


Power Range: 435W~460W

Power Output Tolerance: 0W~+5W

Maximum Effciency: 21.2%

Module Dimension:1909×1134×35mm


*Customizable with black frame



· 12 years product workmanship warranty

· 25 years linear power output warranty

· 1st year power degradation no more than 2%

· Subsequent annual power degradation no more than 0.55%

460 W 182 MBB Mono Perc Half Cell Module Black Frame
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