Lesso 435W 182 N-type Mono Half-cell Module

€ 125,96 € 95,95


· 30 years lifespan brings 10-30% additional power generation compared to conventional P-type module.

· Higher power output even under low-light conditions like on cloudy or foggy days.

·N-type solar cell has no LID naturally which can increase power generation.

· Higher power generation under working conditions, thanks to passivating contact cell technology.

· Higher power output and lower BOS cost.

·More application scenes like BIPV, vertical installation, snowfield, high-humid, windy and dusty area.


Power Range: 565W~585W

Power Output Tolerance: 0W~+5W

Maximum Effciency: 22.65%

Module Dimension:2278×1134×35mm




· 12 years product workmanship warranty

· 30 years linear power output warranty

· 1st year power degradation no more than 1%

· Subsequent annual power degradation no more than 0.40%

435 W 182 N Type Mono Half Cell Module
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