📢 Exciting Partnership Announcement!

Gepubliceerd op 29 maart 2024 om 09:48

Hopewind has officially signed a distributor contract with SYMM SOLAR BV, a professional PV equipments distributor in Europe, solidifying their collaboration in boosting C&I solar solutions across Europe.
✍️ The signing ceremony took place with great enthusiasm, hosted by esteemed representatives from both companies. Hopewind's Vice President, Sara Wang, and SYMM SOLAR BV's Commercial Director, Siyu Yang, sealed the partnership, marking the beginning of a promising alliance.
🤝 This strategic collaboration aims to leverage the expertise and resources of both companies to meet the growing demand for sustainable and efficient solar solutions in the European market. With Hopewind's cutting-edge technology and SYMM SOLAR BV's extensive network and market knowledge, customers can expect a comprehensive range of C&I solar solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Please click below link and view the announcement of this exiting news on the official website of Hopewind. 


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